Still in this together: Missing her

This was one of her milestones. I couldn’t help but watch as the date came closer, not wanting to remember, but also not able to forget. My cousin, Karen, a nurse for nearly 50 years before she retired, and a radiation oncology nurse for the later years, was diagnosed with cancer last year herself. Karen had access to the latest […]

Moore on life: Going buggy

The day was over and it was TV time for me and my husband. I changed into my fuzzy pajamas, burrowed under my favorite blankie, gave my pillow a few punches to mold it into the right shape then settled in on the couch for a few hours of viewing pleasure. That’s when it happened. A slight tickling on the […]

Still in this together: The whole picture

“It’s a picture of Grandma.” “No, it’s not.  That doesn’t look anything like Grandma!” “It’s a picture from a long time ago.  That’s why it doesn’t look like her.” I was in the basement, going through some boxes that hadn’t been touched in a ridiculous amount of time in preparation for the big move last year, and the older grandgirls […]

Moore on life: Spring fever

Spring is in full swing and that means a mad dash to the nursery. I’ve been locked in my house hibernating during the long cold winter and haven’t seen anything green since I saw the reflection of my face after eating that bad enchilada. So I hopped in the car and made my way to the nearest garden center. I […]

Moore on life: Weighting for spring

I dread this time of year. Spring has sprung and everything’s bursting, popping and exploding. Naw, I’m not talking about buds, leaves and flowers; I’m talking about the seams in my clothes. For the past five months I’ve been in hibernation like some kind of yellow-bellied marmot. I’ve been burrowed away deep inside my house holed up from humanity under […]

Still in this together: Missing the library

I love the convenience of downloading a book from the library to my phone or Kindle and being able to read it in the comfort of my living room while John is watching reruns on TV, or snuggling down under the covers in our bedroom when I know a troubling part in the storyline is coming. I usually know what’s […]

Still in this together: Where ideas begin

I don’t believe in coincidence.  We were raised by a mom who was firmly convinced that everything happened for a reason, whether it made sense at the time or not.  And she was proven right so many times that we eventually just accepted the truth of her belief. So a few weeks ago, while I was in the middle of […]

Still in this together: The week of real connections

My daughters and I started working online word puzzles and reporting results via phone messaging every day.  It’s a great way to stay in touch, and often starts online conversations among us from Omaha to Webster Groves to our house, and I love that if I’m wide awake at 3 a.m., I can work the Wordle and the Quordle, check the […]

Moore on life: The crack of doom

The big doomsday eclipse happened and we’re all still here. Nothing changed. No big explosion; no space ships came down from Mars; no meteors pelted the earth, not even so much as a measly power outage. Oh, there was that teensy earthquake in New York, which can’t even qualify as a quake. It was more like Mother Nature passed a […]

Still in this together: There’s something about a train

There’s always been something about a train.  Reassuring, predictable, proof of business as usual in the daytime, quiet rumbling through the night time.  And just by chance, the background star of the movie “Picnic,” which coincidentally has some of the most hauntingly beautiful music I’ve ever heard. When my grandparents moved from their small brick home in the city to […]

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